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How do I register?

To register, simply click on the "Register" or "Login" buttons at the top of our website and follow the steps provided.

**If you are returning to CCLL, click the "Login" button on to enter our site using your previously-created sign-in credentials.  You will then be presented with a selection of programs available to your player(s)...and given the option as well (if necessary) to add another player or players in your family to your account.

**If you are new to CCLL and reside in Culver City or attend a school within the CCLL boundary, simply click the "Register" button on and create an account.  Then follow the prescribed steps to enter your profile, add players and register for an available program based on league age in 2023.

Please note that players will not be confirmed for evaluation sessions, for player drafts (in upper divisions), or for team placement (in lower divisions) until payment is received and forms are complete.

CCLL's registration period for spring baseball typically runs from late November through mid- to late-January.  Families seeking enrollment after each year's registration period has ended cannot be guaranteed a place in our league, and will typically be placed instead onto a waitlist for the division appropriate to their age and program.


What comes with my registration?

Your registration fees help to cover operational costs for our league, and they entitle you to (1) a schedule of play involving 1-2 practices and 1+ games per calendar week, depending on division; (2) a uniform package including Dri-Fit jersey, ball cap, color-matching belt and socks; and (3) a basic photo package (with an option for additional paid photo products).

We do our best as a league to try and assemble the correct range of jersey sizes for each team in each division, but please understand that we need to order our uniform packages well in advance of the start of each season!  Some mismatched sizes are therefore inevitable.  The same advance ordering requirement means that names on jerseys are NOT a perk provided by the league.   Uniform embellishments of any nature are undertaken at the discretion of each individual coach and team.


What does the evaluation process entail?

Evaluations for CCLL are held on consecutive weekends each January, with additional sessions sometimes scheduled for early February, in the event that weather happens to wash out one or more of our scheduled January days.

Please note that Spring evaluations are NOT tryouts!  Nobody is ever "cut" from Culver City Little League: every player who completes the CCLL registration process will be assigned to a team and will play with us on our fields during the Spring season.

Evaluations simply offer all of our players league-age 8 and up an opportunity to demonstrate their fielding, throwing, running and hitting skills to our coaches and league officials, who will subsequently combine their observations (along with information collected from prior seasons' evaluations) to place players into the division of play that is appropriate to their combination of course with additional considerations of age and experience.  (Players league-aged 7 who are hoping to play in our Machine-Pitch or Farm divisions are welcome to attend an evaluation session for the purpose of placement assessment.  Families of such players should feel free to reach out to us via our group email address at [email protected].)

Information on the precise dates and times of each season's evaluation sessions will be conveyed via email to all registrants for the season in question, and will be posted as well on our website at


How are CCLL teams formed?

Roster determination varies by division.

In our top two baseball divisions -- Majors and Minors -- rosters are assembled by way of an annual draft, during which players are selected on a round-by-round basis, in keeping with the rankings and preferences each head coach compiles out of our spring evaluation sessions, in addition to observations and information collected at the conclusion of our previous fall and spring seasons.

For all other baseball and softball divisions, rosters are assembled based on the collective recommendations of the coaches and League officials present at evaluations (again, with incorporation of managerial feedback from previous CCLL seasons).  Every effort is made in our lower divisions to accommodate teammate and coaching requests, within the bounds of ensuring the highest possible degree of competitive balance.


When are games and practices held?

While specific game days will vary by and sometimes within divisions, almost all CCLL teams can expect to play at least one game each weekend over the period between Opening Day and the start of CCUSD spring break.  After spring break, weekend games will continue and additional games will be added to the schedule on select weekday evenings.

Practice schedules are NOT pre-set by the League, and depend instead on each team's coaching and parental preference...subject of course to permit restrictions -- we can't practice where the city doesn't allow us on the fields! -- and to the necessity of sharing available space across all our teams and divisions.

Game schedules are posted before the season on our website and can be accessed at any time during the year by visiting 'Team Central,' then  'Posted Schedules,' and then by navigating the drop-down menus after that to find the program, division and team name you're looking for.  Game schedules across divisions for any given day of the season can also be accessed on our website, by visiting 'Team Central' followed by 'Master Game Calendar.'

Unlike game schedules, practice schedules will be determined and disseminated by each individual team's coaches.  Practices begin for most teams in February, and CCLL Opening Day (along with the first games of the season!) typically falls on the first Saturday in March.  Games continue from that weekend on through the end of May for most divisions.

Please note that Culver City Little League does NOT hold games over the first week of CCUSD Spring Break, on Easter or Passover, on Mother's Day or over Memorial Day weekend.


What comes with our Photo Package?

While we may sometimes opt to change photo vendors from one season to the next, typically a basic photo package includes a few individual pictures of your player, along with a larger 5x7 team photo.  Additional items such as posters, pennants, baseball cards and sibling photos will be available for purchase from our vendor of choice.


How does All-Stars work?

For Culver City Little League as for all other Little Leagues across the country and around the world, postseason All-Star Baseball and Softball tournaments offer players ages 8 and up the opportunity to represent our community in competition against other leagues in our District and area.

It's important to recognize that Little League All-Star teams are NOT formed by division.  For that reason there is no "Minors Division All-Star team" or anything similar on either the baseball or the softball side of the tournament...and neither are we able to form multiple teams ("A," "B" and "C" teams, for instance) at any given age group, as might be the case with other recreational sports leagues in our area.

Rather, Little League All-Star teams are formed by age -- with one team each for baseball and softball comprised of league-age 10-12 year-olds, another team comprised of league-age 9-11 year-olds, and a third team comprised of league-age 8-10 year-olds.  Because these age ranges overlap every year, and because the composition of ages and talents in each CCLL season's player pool varies so significantly from one year to the next, as a League we reserve the latitude each season to prioritize whichever teams we feel will grant us the best opportunity for postseason success.

That said, the All-Star selection process proceeds in the same way every year.  First, prospective All-Star managers apply for coaching positions in April, and are debated, selected and approved by the Board of Directors shortly thereafter.  Second, all Majors-Division players vote for who they believe to be the best 12-year-old players in the Majors division.  Third, all regular-season managers in the Majors and Minors divisions vote to recommend the players they deem to be most deserving of All-Star status based on their skills and contributions to their teams over the course of the Spring season.

Once these votes are tabulated and certified, eligible player pools are formed at each age, consisting of all players receiving votes -- ranked in order of the number of votes received.  The majority of each All-Star roster is then filled in accordance with these rankings...with the final 1-2 players on each respective roster chosen at the discretion of the head coach in question.

The resulting teams compete in our District 25 All-Star tournaments (which typically run from late June through mid-July), and in some cases move on to represent CCLL in Sectional, Regional or even Statewide tournaments, depending on our level of success.  More about Little League International Tournament play can be found here:

Please note that in several of our lower divisions -- Farm, Rookies and AA -- we attempt each year to hold informal "All-Star" games on our home fields, consisting of those players at these levels whom our coaches consider to have made outstanding contributions in terms of talent, character and enthusiasm.  These "Farm-Star" and "Futures" games are often a high point of every season for the players who have earned participation.


What is CCLL Fall Ball?

Culver City Little League endeavors every autumn to hold a "Fall Ball" program, as a means of enabling our players to continue working on their baseball and softball skills outside of the traditional spring season.

Space for our fall program tends to be extremely limited owing to our lack of primary field access during the fall months, but CCLL families still find Fall Ball to be a casual, fun and developmentally-focused way to get together with friends on our diamonds, and to represent Culver City Little League in friendly competition against neighboring leagues in our District.

Our Fall programs typically begin in early September, and run through the end of November each year.  Additional information about each year's Fall season will be shared via email and on our website starting in late summer.
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