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2018 Cleared Volunteers

ONLY the following personnel are cleared to participate with youth for the 2018 CCLL Season

Only cleared volunteers are allowed to participate in youth practice, game activities, scorekeeping, umpiring, etc. 

If your name is not on this list, please send an e-mail to our Safety Officer at [email protected] with your volunteer position applying for, team name, division, and an e-mail address where you can receive an background screening invite from our new background screening provider J.D. Palatine (JDP) .  The application must be filled out in it's entirety and our Safety Officer will be notified once your application has been processed.

For information regarding the provider approved through Little League International please click on the following link  

For all future season's volunteers will need to fill out a new application.

Applications requests may be emailed to: League Safety Officer, [email protected] 

Updated as of May 28, 2018:

Last Name First Name Cleared Volunteer Concussion Training Cert.
Abdullah Robert Yes
Aceves Fabiola Yes
Aceves George Yes
Aceves Manny Yes
Albers Corey Yes
Alexander Kenneth Yes
Algra Brian Yes Yes
Algra Catherine Yes Yes
Alkire Jennifer Yes
Alkire Laurence Masa Yes
Amador Carlos Yes
Anderson Daphna Yes
Anderson Kurt Yes
Anderson Santino Yes
Bancroft James Jonathan Yes
Bennett Peter Yes
Brennan Barbara Yes
Chacon Javier (Gabby) Yes
Cogan David Yes Yes
Contreras Tony Yes
Corburm Scott Yes
Davis Ryan Yes
Dawson Paul Michael Yes Yes
Dean Sara Yes
Dicker Neal Yes
Doss Arden Yes
Dwyer Patrick Yes Yes
Dyaz Ralph Yes
Dzurec Matt Yes Yes
Fresquez Andrew Yes
Friend Patrick Yes
Friend Michele Yes
Frye Mark Yes Yes
Furedi Andrew Leo Yes
Gadt Andrew Yes Yes
Gadt Mika Yes
Garcia Jose Adrian Yes Yes
Gaynor Joeseph Yes
Genut Shawn Adam Yes
Gifford Michael Yes
Glendenning Cameron Yes
Gomez Antonio III Yes
Gonzalez Jose Joey Yes Yes
Gonzalez Mario Yes
Gonzalez Miguel A. Yes Yes
Gonzalez Silvia Yes
Grant Shonda Yes
Grant Stuart Mark Yes Yes
Guerrero Yesenia Yes
Hall Joshua Yes
Harrison Joseph Donavan Yes
Jauregui Sylvia Yes
Johnson Stephen Yes
Jonathan Frederick Dean Yes
Jorge Luis Yes
Lachoff Kevin Yes
Lamb William Michael Yes Yes
Lambird Bryan Yes Yes
Leath Jon Arthur Yes
Lee Oh Mee Yes
Levine Amy Yes
Lizarraga Jorge Yes
Lopez Jhonatan Yes
MagaƱa Linda Yes
Marrujo David Yes
Maruyama Allison Michiko Yes
Martin Evan Yes
McDowell Scott Yes Yes
Medina David Yes
Meighan Patrick Yes
Meloth Tom Yes
Mercado Oscar Yes
Miller Cynthia Yes
Monroe Todd Yes
Nadel Wes Yes Yes
Nordby Cully Yes
Olivera Jonathan Yes
Olson Eric William Yes
Ortega Sonia Yes
Pena Angelina Rose Yes
Pena Carlos Alberto Yes
Penchansky Ivan Yes Yes
Perez Gerry Yes
Pick Sabrina Yes
Presler Spencer Yes
Reiter RyanYes 
Rodriguez Dave Yes
Rodriguez Marco Yes
Sanchez Jorge Yes
Sheppard Jennifer Yes
Slappy Damaris Yes
Spector Sam Yes
Ulmen Andrew Yes
Valencia Giovanni Yes
Visosky Thomas Yes Yes
Wada Frank Yes Yes
Whitten Charles Yes
York Jeffrey Yes Yes
Zare Andrew Yes
Zepeda Alex Yes
Zepeda Luis A. Yes
Zydiak Brian Yes

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